Scholarships you can not miss submitting in September 2017

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Do you dream of studying abroad, but you do not know how you will achieve this dream? Or do you think too much about the material, and how will you save the tuition? Or you simply don’t know where to find scholarship and how to apply.

Do not worry so… We will offer you the scholarships available for September, which cover all disciplines, degrees … do not miss the opportunity this time.

1. Scholarship at Deakin University, Australia

Deakin University offers this international scholarship to students who have outstanding academic performance, with the possibility of providing ideas to help the university to reach leadership.
Scholarships receive a 100% scholarship or a partial grant of 50%, depending on the results of the application.
The person must be sent with three elements:
The application form for the program.
A personal statement within 300 words.
(C) A completed application for study at Deakin University.
Deadline: 31 September.
To find out all details about the scholarship and how to apply: follow the box below

2 – Joint PhD grant from Exeter University and Queensland

University of Queensland and the University of Exeter aim to recruit exceptional students at the University to address key sustainability challenges as part of the recently launched QUEX Institute.
The selected group will have the opportunity to study in the UK and Australia and will receive a PhD from Exeter University and Queensland.
This grant is for Masters in the fields of medical and health sciences, and covers the cost of travel and tuition fees for the recipients of the grant.
Deadline for submission: 11 September.
To find out all details about the scholarship and how to apply: follow the box below

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3. University of Andrews Scholarship in the United Kingdom

Andrews University offers a group of scholarships for five international students to complete postgraduate studies or bachelor’s degrees at the university in the disciplines at the university.
The scholarship covers tuition fees of £ 5,000.
Deadline for submission: 30 September.
Find out all the details about the scholarship and how to apply; follow the box below

4. A fully funded doctoral degree in engineering to Belgium

The University of Louvain in Belgium offers a fully funded grant to complete a doctorate degree in engineering in Belgium.
The specialization of this PhD is the design of interactive robots, so the applicant must have a background in this field so that he can benefit from the grant.
Deadline for submission: 11 September.

5. Scholarship program for the study of the Master of Laws in the Netherlands

This program offers scholarships for those wishing to complete their studies and prepare a Master of Advanced Law or Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.
The program offers three grants as follows:
Covering 10,000 euros of tuition fees.
B) cover 15 thousand euros of tuition fees.
C – Cover the total tuition fees without the formal education fees.
Applicants only have to pay 100 Euros to apply for a grant.
Deadline: 1 October.

6. Partial scholarship for Master’s degree in Engineering and Information Technology in Australia

This grant is presented as a celebration of the 11th President of India, his commitment to education and his constant efforts to help outstanding students develop their skills.
International students wishing to study for a master’s degree at the College of Engineering and Information Technology are targeted at the University of Sydney in Australia.
Successful applicants receive 50% of the tuition fees for one year.
Deadline: September 31, “Deadline by Opportunity”

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7 – granting Schwarzman to China

This grant is aimed at undergraduate and master’s students aged 18 to 28, who are interested in entrepreneurship and human rights, who wish to receive the Schwarzmann Leadership Fellowship in the world, and the grant is fully funded, including travel, tuition and accommodation.
Students are given: health insurance, a personal salary of $ 3,500, the required textbooks, a laptop and a smartphone.
Deadline for submission: 28 September.

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