UNIABUJA ADMISSION LIST – See why it has not been released

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After having an interview with the Director of Academic Planning unit Professor Dagwa tonight on behalf of all uniabuja admission aspirants. The following information were gathered:

1. That the university of abuja Central Admission Committee (CAC) were yet to sit for their general meeting on the approval of the proposed merit and 1st list which would signal the beginning of the admission process in uniabuja 2017/18 session. the central admission committee which comprised of all Deans all faculties in UniAbuja and headed by Professor Kolawole the dean of P.G school is abit behind initial schedule because of the unprecedented 1 month asuu strike which took place in september and also delayed the undergraduate students from completing their 2016/17 session before september ended.

2. That the CAC will hold meeting this week from in other to move a motion on whether the list should be forwarded to the senate and subsequently to the V.C for approval for upload of all the lists in batches.

3. That the uniabuja merit list is presumably gonna be released by december and other list will follow in an interval of one week.

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4. That the 1st list will contain D.E merit students and uniabuja school of remedial ex students.

5. That the delay of the admission list was not abnormal as UniAbuja has always been the Central who has to admit from all states in Nigeria, unlike other Universities.
Thus this makes UniAbuja one of the most applied University.

6 That the uncertainty of some Departments accreditation contributed to the delays because the official letter on whether or not UniAbuja should about for Political science and Sociology was yet to come as well as the approval of Law admission from Council of Legal Education.

7. That before the end of this week, updates on when the list will be released will be made public as it is a public information.

Admissiom list in UniAbuja for the past years now come out mostly when resumption is close by. If not for the ASUU strike, the admission list would have been out already. So everyone should stay calm as UniAbuja CAC will sit to approve all the proposed admission sheets.

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